The overall strategy of AP@home is

  1. to create a new improved two-port AP based on well established components for optimization, verification and validation of current preliminary algorithms in clinical studies
  2. to develop and validate a single-port AP. The division of the work in objectives and work packages follows this AP@home strategy.

WP 11 Improving glucose sensing and insulin infusion (RTD)

WP 12 Modelling, simulation and control (RTD)

WP 13 System integration of insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and connection to health care systems (RTD)

WP 21 Development of new single-port artificial pancreas systems (RTD)

WP 31 Clinical validation of the AP systems (RTD)

WP 32 Home validation of the AP system and remote control (RTD)

WP 41 Coordination (MGT)

WP 42 Dissemination and Use (OTH)