Work Package Leaders

WP 1.1: Improving glucose sensing and insulin infusion, Hans de Vries, MD, PhD (AMS)

WP 1.2: Modelling, simulation and control, Claudio Cobelli, PhD (PAD)

WP 1.3: System integration of insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and connection to health care systems, Steve Lane, PhD (TRI)

WP 2.1: Development of new single-port artificial pancreas systems, Frank Robin, PhD (SEN)

WP 3.1: Clinical validation of the AP systems, Eric Renard MD, PhD (MPL)

WP 3.2: Home validation of the AP systems and remote control, Martin Ellmerer, PhD (GRZ)

WP 4.1: Coordination, Hans de Vries, MD, PhD (AMS)

WP 4.2: Dissemination and Use, Lutz Heinemann, PhD (PRO)