The Executive Board

Role: strategic decision-making and operational responsibility.

Composition: the SC, the AC and other Work Package Leaders (WPLs) are the board members, amounting to seven people. The AC chairs this management body. These board members have been selected by the AP@home partners based on their on their knowledge, experience with interdisciplinary multi-partner projects, capacity, skills, international connections, their strategic view on the science, implementation and impact of this project and their overall strategic responsibility for the project being a success.

Tasks and responsibilities: The EB is responsible for overall coordination of the project, monitoring the overall implementation of the project, preparing all decisions to be taken by the GA and executing the decisions made by the GA. The EB shall overview in particular the interaction between the work packages, the flow of input and output information between work packages, the division of work, the work load and the achievements. The EB shall be responsible for drafting the use and dissemination plan, which includes a strategy and procedure for publications, and the plan for gender equality. The EB ensures that all plans are drafted in a timely manner and  draws upon the expertise of the partners. The EB is responsible for regular updates of these plans. The EB has an important responsibility with regard to risk management. This task is carried out in close collaboration with the WP on system integration. Furthermore the EB is responsible for planning and organising the scientific AP@home conference.