The project coordination is a dual coordination in which AMS is focusing on the scientific coordination and PRO on the non-scientific coordination. The project manager (PRO) supports and facilitates the tasks of the scientific and administrative coordinator. AMS is in charge of the overall scientific coordination, scientific implementation and monitors the progress of the project. AMS is the contact person for all scientific issues. PRO is responsible for the overall non-scientific coordination, including project management, administrative and financial management, information and communication internal and with third parties and regulatory and ethical aspects. PRO is responsible for the project management and communication and information exchange between all partners and support and facilitate the work of the scientific and administrative coordinator. PRO is setting up the information and communication infrastructure, including this website. PRO is preparing the templates for the reporting and collects all information and ensures all partners are involved. PRO, being the coordinator and the project manager monitors the financial depletion and financial reporting and is discussing these issues on a regular basis with AMS. PRO collects all information from all partners, prepares draft project management reports and financial reports and sends it to AMS for reviewing. PRO is the contact person for all interaction and communication with the EC. PRO is also responsible for the planning and organising of all meetings, trainings and conferences etc.