How AP@home serves the public good

One of the major objectives of the AP@home project is to disseminate the outcome of this EU-funded project. Our dissemination process is a planned process of providing information on the quality, relevance and effectiveness of the results of our project. This involves:

  • preparing the ground for our work,
  • carrying out our project while harvesting its results,
  • distributing these results to the various interested groups and stakeholders, and
  • ensure that others can benefit from the project’s output.

Dissemination of knowledge
We are quite confident that the results of the AP@home project can have a major impact on diabetes, eHealth and medical research in Europe. One of the reasons for this believe is the active involvement of many different groups across Europe. The achievements, knowledge, practical experience and guidance that are emerging from carrying out the work in our project will be disseminated actively to different target audiences such as the scientific, clinical and health care community and in particular patient organisations.

Satisfying the high need for a “technical cure”
In view of the rapid increase in the number of patients with diabetes in Europe, we see a high need for a “technical cure” of this disease as this can keep many people who would otherwise become disabled in a position that allows them to continue to work actively.

Sensitising the usage of Diabetes Technology in Europe
We regard this project also as helpful to promote the usage of Diabetes Technology (which will cumulate into the development an artificial pancreas (AP) system) inside Europe. In view of the considerable number of internationally recognized academic experts working in the AP@home project and the excellent industrial partners working with us, we are very confident that we will be able to bring an AP system home to patients with diabetes within the timeframe of this project. Our initiative is very well in line with the massive increase in the interest in this topic.